ProCash 2000xe


The ProCash 2000xe is a compelling solutionas it comes with a small footprint and delivers maximum availability.The integrated stepper motor enables cassettes to be emptied down to the very last note.The wide range of installation options – combined with prefabricated frames – makes itpossible to install this system even in locationswhere space is limited.


Deployment options

  • Indoors, also with prefabricated wall frames
  • Small footprint
  • Frontload or rearload


  • Compact system size
  • Bundle output up to 60 notes
  • Autoscaling LCD (12.1" or 15")
  • Extensive range of safes
  • Different installation variants with prefabricated wall frames
  • EMV 2000-certified
  • Optical indicators at all input and output modules
  • Optional: Custom colors,, labeling in Braille, energy-saving function


  • 1 to 4 cassettes
  • 8 stainless steel softkeys
  • Numeric keypad with 4 function keys
  • Hybrid card reader (motorized)
  • Tamperproof card slot
  • Receipt and journal printers
  • UL 291 Level 1 / CEN III / CEN IV

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