DN Series 250H


    With the most functionality in the smallest footprint, the DN Series 250H is where efficiency and innovation meet. Now you can optimize your self-service cash ecosystem and empower deeper connections through a platform that grows with your business, to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision.
    Driven by the world’s most innovative, reliable 4th generation Recycling Module (RM4H), the 250H is integrated into our Cash Cycle Management System (CCMS) allowing you to operate your cash cycle as efficiently as possible.
    Advantages of the DN series ATM line
  • Engaging, consistent, research-based design coupled with powerful Vynamic Marketing enables you to personally connect with consumers at the intersection of physical and digital channels.
  • DN AllConnect Data Engine, an intelligent data-driven service architecture, maximizes the availability of the globally proven 6th generation dispensing module.
  • Our scalable, modular platform offers the flexibility to meet consumers’ demands today, and in the future.
  • A common platform supported by leading software and services ensures more seamless integration into your organization’s channel ecosystem.
  • The larger all-in cassette and comprehensive CCMS empowers you to serve more consumers and minimize CIT visits.
  • Layered security features protect against traditional and emerging physical, data and cyber threats.

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