DN Series 470C


    Transform your drive-thru lane: migrate routine transactions to self-service and free your tellers to engage more deeply with consumers. Designed on a scalable platform, the DN Series 470C is powered by our high-eаfficiency cash and media engine (CMD-V6C) to ensure higher uptime and availability.
    The 470C also offers optional coin dispense functionality to meet the needs of your consumers in a convenient 24x7 channel.
    Advantages of the DN series ATM line
  • Engaging, consistent, research-based design coupled with powerful Vynamic Marketing enables you to personally connect with consumers at the intersection of physical and digital channels.
  • DN AllConnect Data Engine, an intelligent data-driven service architecture, maximizes the availability of the globally proven 6th generation dispensing module.
  • Our scalable, modular platform offers the flexibility to meet consumers’ demands today, and in the future.
  • A common platform supported by leading software and services ensures more seamless integration into your organization’s channel ecosystem.
  • Our comprehensive Cash Cycle Management System (CCMS) empowers you to serve more consumers and minimize CIT visits.
  • Layered security features protect against traditional and emerging physical, data and cyber threats.

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