DN Series 100D


    The DN Series 100D has a compact, consumer-focused design with the flexibility to offer more services to your consumers when, where and how they’re desired. The 100D features our patented, industry-leading advanced friction-pick technology, so your network can handle a wider range of currency and media types. The Advanced Function Dispenser (AFD) 2.0 engine specializes in processing poor quality notes and ensures secure, convenient, reliable cash access.
    Advantages of the DN series ATM line
  • The consumer-focused interface and compact design are ideal for off-premise and retail locations.
  • DN AllConnectSM Data Engine, an intelligent data-driven service architecture, maximizes the availability of the globally proven AFD 2.0.
  • With scalable features such as NFC and barcode capabilities, it’s designed to ensure you’re ready for whatever comes next.
  • A common platform supported by leading software and services ensures more seamless integration into your organization’s channel ecosystem.
  • Five cash cassettes with larger capacity enable you to serve more consumers and minimize CIT visits.
  • Layered security features protect against traditional and emerging physical, data and cyber threats.

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