CS 2060 (CINEO C2060)


The Diebold Nixdorf CS 2060 is an indoor cash dispenser ideal for use in branch and lobby environments that offer expanded functionality such as passbook or A4 statement printing and coin processing. It is also a part of our Cash Cycle Management™ Solutions portfolio, providing convenient cash access while optimizing the cash-replenishment cycle. The CMD-V5 cash media dispenser enables operators to realize closed cash cycles throughout branches thanks to the ability to interchange cassettes between all cash-dispensing, cash-recycling and teller automation systems. Powered by innovative software and end-to-end cash-management services, the system guarantees audit compliance and maximum transparency of all cash inventories at all times.



  • Portrait, cash slot and card reader cameras
  •  Anti-cash-trapping sensors
  • Intruder alarm system
  •  ASKIM
  •  Multiple-sensor secured cassette
  •  Ink staining
  •  PIN Pad Shield
  •  Security safe
    - UL 291 Level 1
    - CEN L (40mm)
    - CEN I
    - CEN III
    - CEN III EXGas
    - CEN IV
    - CEN IV EXGas


  • 15" XGA or 17" SXGA color consumer
  • display screen
  • Vandal-Resistive Screen with function keys or
  • touchscreen
  • High bright/Semi bright
  • Privacy filter
  • 10.4" rear service operator panel

Processor Celeron

  • i3
  • i5v


  • Headphone jack

Consumer Experience

  •  Branding panels
  •  Alphanumeric keyboard

Power Architecture

  •  Basic power architecture
  •  Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

ID Devices

  •  Fingerprint reader
  •  EMV-ready card reader, Motorized or DIP
  •  Contactless card reader
  •  Barcode scanner 1D/2D


  • 80 mm enhanced graphical receipt printer
  • 80 mm enhanced graphical receipt printer with dual paper roll (7" and 10" roll)
  • Passbook
  • Journal printer
  • Statement printer (A4, letter, 6")


  •  Coin dispenser (8-fold count)
  •  Coin deposit (sidecar)

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