Hardware and broad-range information terminals supplied by BS/2 can be used in various industry sectors and allow for protecting, processing and ensuring security of payments in cash and non-cash funds as well as managing customer queues.

Financial Institutions

BS/2 supplies the following hardware for financial institutions: information terminals, ATMs, cash processing equipment, multifunctional printers, automated safe-deposit boxes, etc.


Hardware designed for the retail trade sector offered by the company BS/2 includes automated safe-deposit boxes, information terminals, multifunctional printers, commercial equipment, queue management systems and cash processing equipment.

Filling stations

Gas-stations are now able to obtain all the hardware necessary for their operation, i.e. automated safe-deposit boxes, “Wincor Nixdorf” payment systems, peripherals, cash register and self-service payment systems, reverse vending machines, etc. from a single source.

Postal organizations

Solutions of the company BS/2 designed for post offices meet the needs of the postal network and ensure performance optimization as well as data and equipment security. Hardware designed for post offices includes automated safe-deposit boxes and ATMs that meet the needs of the limited sector.

Lottery companies

Hardware supplied by BS/2 to companies that organize lotteries includes broad-range modular terminals. The basic set of such terminal includes a computer, document scanner and thermal printer.

Automated Teller Machines

These are mono- and multi-functional ATMs, self-service devices with an option of cash collection and recycling equipment by “Diebold Nixdorf”. Two product lines are presented: CS and “ProCash”.

Automated Teller Safes

These are automated safety-deposit boxes of the CS line designed for independent cash collection operations, and multi-safe deposit boxes designed to store documents, cash and goods. Safety-deposit boxes are designed for premises with heavy customer traffic and feature a function of operation in a closed cash cycle mode.


This includes “Diebold Nixdorf” cash registers and “Beetle” POS systems, peripherals (printers, scanners, electronic price lists and cash repositories), cash deposit systems, self-service cash registers and payment systems (“PayTower”), reverse vending machines (“Revendo”), etc.

Cash Processing

These are professional currency scanners and detectors, banknote sorting and packing machines “Cassido” and “DoCash”.

Payment solutions

“VIVOpay Kiosk II” scanner designed to accept contactless payments is installed in information and trade terminals and vending machines that do not have additional certification.

Spare parts

BS/2 offers genuine spare parts and hardware maintenance services. The company also provides training, spare part replacement, repair, storage and disposal services.

Discontinued products

BS/2 supplies not only the latest hardware of the leading manufacturers, but also products that have been removed from the market. Moreover, the company ensures maintenance of such hardware.


To ensure security of the equipment, data or transactions, it is necessary to deploy a full range of hardware and software solutions. One of such solutions is “ATMeye.iQ ASM”.