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Bureau Veritas confirmed high BS/2 standards

On October 18-21, our company was audited by Bureau Veritas, the world's largest standards developer and publisher. The audit was conducted to re-certify the existing ISO/IEC 27000 standard. The ISO/IEC 20000-1 compliance audit was conducted remotely on November 4.

A month after Bureau Veritas visited our headquarters in Vilnius, BS/2 Product Manager Kirill Degtyarenko received an official letter confirming that the audit was successful, and BS/2 maintains its status as an ISO/IEC 27000 company.

"ISO/IEC 27000 covers software development and installation, external IT services, hardware and software sales, support and maintenance. Therefore, the fact that we have received and continue to maintain this certification is very important to us as well as to our customers. Banks always ask us to show how we do software development or maintenance, but it is enough to show the ISO certificate we have, and it immediately becomes clear to them that they can trust us and the quality of our work, because we will do everything according to strict rules and norms," said Kirill Degtyarenko.

Another ISO/IEC 20000-1 standard was audited on November 4. According to Andrey Smirnov, Head of Technical Services Department, the first ISO/IEC 20000 certificate was obtained in 2011, which defines the standard for IT service management and provision of banking IT equipment and services for self-service terminals to external customers. The standard was recertified last year, so this year's audit was simpler and lasted only one day.

ISO certification is important for several reasons: maintaining the standard gives the company a competitive advantage both in selling its products or services and in participating in government procurement.

"Working in accordance with approved global standards, we are confident that our banking equipment services are of the highest quality. This standard covers the entire service chain, including the customer survey, which is very helpful in getting a true picture of quality. It is very important for us.", - Andrey Smirnov stated.