DoCash 4Scan (EN)


Complex inspection of banknotes security features:

  • Automatic control of currency authenticity
  • Serial number scanning and printing (option)


Complex inspection of banknotes security features

  • Magnetic security
  • Paper density
  • Infrared picture
  • Size of notes
  • Spectrum ink
  • Secure thread
  • Image printing process

Wide choice of currencies available

  • Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan, etc.

Wide application

  • Up to 8 currencies in one detector

Free positioning of the banknote

  • Any direction and any side of note can be read
  • User-friendly interface, sensor keypad and control panel

Informative LCD (4 lines) displays

  • Number and value of processed banknotes
  • Individual value per each banknote denomination and currency
  • Grand total of accepted notes
  • Other regimes available
  • Serial number of banknote scanning (USD)
  • Possibility to connect printer/transfering data to PC
  • Visual and audio signals for counterfeit banknotes and error messages (suitable for people with disabilities)
  • Rechargeable battery for portable usage - more than 24 hours standby time
  • Free on-line software update (cable included)

Techninė informacija

  • Speed: Less than 0.5 second / note
  • Power supply: 100~240V AC/12V DC adaptor
  • Battery capacity: 10.8V 1200mAh
  • Power consumption: Less than 10W
  • Dimension, mm: 220x140x90
  • Net weight, kg: 1,05

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