Protect Journal Data

Product description

Journal Signed (Journal Data Protection) is designed to protect the Electronic Journal Data. The Journal Signed solution protects also against both intentional and unintentional distortion, falsification or deletion of the data written into Electronic Journal of ATM. Security is ensured by rewriting the data of Electronic Journal Media from ATM to a bank specialist‘s computer.

The Journal Signed Solution includes these components:

  • Executable generation and issue module Key Blob having Public Signature Key is used to perform primary key generation and to change the session keys. There is a possibility of periodical change of Public Signature Key in ATM using SOP (Standing Operating Procedure) method. The module is configured on the ATM computer.
  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL). It performs the following functions: random save of the messages sent to Journal Media, formation of the reports for Electronic Signature, creating an e-signature, transferring signed messages to Journal. The library is configured on the ATM computer.
  • Executable check module for checking the authenticity of Journals with user interface. The module is configured on the administrator‘s computer.


  • When signing each entry, entry stored in the Journal media entry increases approximately 2.5 times. Therefore, electronic media of appropriate size should be used for transferring/transportation of Journal.
  • When copying Journal media from ATM, the media having certificate allowing identifying ATM that this Electronic Journal belongs to, is also copied.
  • The Journal Signed Solution can be integrated with one of Journal media copy (transportation) solutions (Journal Upload, Journal Copy, ProView), and other Journal protection solutions (Journal Encrypt, Data Masking Solution).

Journal Signed is a complete software product.

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