Postal market

Software developed by BS/2 for postal organizations enables the analysis of business processes, control of cash flows and staff operations, management of transactions and protection of the organization’s hardware and information.

Dashboard.iQ – based on latest technology, dashboard module acts as a control center for different modules of .iQ platform and provides quick access to information influencing the decision making process.(client-server mode or HTTPS protocol)

Cash Management.iQ is a software solution belonging to .iQ product family, developed to automate and optimize the processes related with cash flow at all cash deposit / withdrawal points. This solution allows maintaining optimal amounts of cash in the whole network of ATMs, ATSs, vaults and bank branches.

Brancheye.iQ – event-based video surveillance solution to insure whole bank’s branch security. This multi-vendor solution not only controls real-time security process remotely and monitors video surveillance footage of all self-service devices and branch premises, but also reduces branch management maintenance costs.

RFM.iQ (Remote File Management.iQ) is a remote file system module which introduces a feature of remote uploading /downloading files from a remote terminal to .iQ platform. It allows the bank to download or update files on any terminal using TCP/IP network.

Payments.iQ – is a full-featured software solution for arranging of receiving payments (for utilities, taxes, penalties), selling all kinds of electronic services (e.g. tickets, recharge codes, vouchers, utilities and so on.), retail banking automation, network management of information and payment terminals and ATMs.

Payment and loyalty management system PayLo developed and maintained by “ASHBURN International” is a versatile trade, payment and loyalty scenario management tool which operates via integrated checkouts or individual payment card terminals.

IPTV.iQ is a multifunctional middleware that can be installed in a variety of sectors and offer the customers an exciting IPTV services. Based on the latest technologies, the software solution will help you offer your customers a wide variety of the most up-to-date services: HD and 3D channels, electronic program guide, broadcast delay, Internet, etc.

ProView is monitoring and IT service management software for self-service systems. ProView provides extensive functions covering administration, monitoring and control of self-service networks to ensure that they deliver maximum performance and availability.

TP.net is a store solution that helps retailers to organize, drive and control their store IT flexibly.

iCASH Back Office – solution supporting the supply and disposal of banknotes for cashiers and/or chief cashiers at retail stores.

iCASH Manager - сontrol software for the iCASH product family (iCASH 10,15, and 50) to enable automation of cash payment processes at the point-of-sale.

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