TransLink.iQ – Transaction Processing and POS Terminal Network Management

Product description

TransLink.iQ is a software package dedicated for processing of financial transactions. TransLink.iQ is created and maintained by the specialists of “ASHBURN International”, who have accumulated multi-year experience in development of specialized software.

TransLink.iQ ensures convenient real-time management of POS terminals, safe and prompt transfer of financial transactions from POS terminals to bank hosts, and the possibilities of integration with external systems for transfer of e-payments.

The software was developed in accordance with the requirements of international companies VISA International and MasterCard International and is compliant with EMV standards. The company has been certified according to PCI Level 1 requirements every year since 2007.

TransLink.iQ software package includes:

  • TransLink.iQ Manager.
  • TransLink.iQ Smart POS.
  • TransLink.iQ Switch.
  • Integration module.

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