Service Desk.iQ – Service Management and Optimization

Product description

Service Desk.iQ is the solution for automation of business processes associated with the servicing of complex systems, including networks of technical devices and bank equipment. Service Desk.iQ in accordance with the international standard of management and maintenance of IT services ISO 20000. The system automates the level of the collection and storage of data, the distribution of the data between users, the documentation and reporting, as well as at the level of decision-making in cases of typical situations of business development processes.

Service Desk.iQ – solution for process automation equipment servicing for banks and retail sector, in accordance with ISO 20000.

Service Desk.iQ solution is designed in accordance with the international standard for service maintenance ITIL and the international standard of management and maintenance of IT services ISO 20000.

Functions and features

The main modules of Service Desk.iQ:

SRM.iQ (Service Request Management)

SRM.iQ module is designed for automated service management of service requests received from the clients, as well as those formed by support services managers, based on the planned support in accordance with the requirements of the SLA. The module manages the lifecycle of a service request from its receipt up to generating and sending a report for all work performed.

SLA.iQ (Service Level Agreement)

SLA.iQ module provides formalized input, based on total control parameters, in accordance with a service level agreement and any additional conditions and calculation methods used to determine the level of customer service quality. SLA.iQ module contains a formal list of events and their attributes that determine the level of service.

SRP.iQ (Service Repair Parts)

SRP.iQ module records all the events related to the life cycle of the accounting units of repair stock used by the servicing company. The system performs the operative accounting of the movement of spare units, details, and materials between the storehouses of the servicing company and from one materially responsible person to the other.

LRM.iQ (Local Repair Management)

LRM.iQ registers events in the local repair subdivision (i.e. from the spare units taken from the serviced objects). In this module, similarly as in the SRP.iQ module, the accounting of life cycle is performed, limiting itself by a local repair, and the module’s potentials are used for the composition of local repair work orders.

FCM.iQ (Fuel Сonsumption Management)

FCM.iQ module allows the automatic and manual input of the data which are required for accounting of the use of company-owned cars, including the mileage accounting for each car, as well as, the management of fuel consumption and correct and timely settlement for it.


GEO.iQ module allows real-time monitoring of devices, tasks and their status on the map.

KPI.iQ (Key Performance Indicators)

Module KPI.iQ is used to gauge and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and to monitor their trends. KPI accurately and fully assess the progress made towards achieving a particular goal. The module provides a great number of expert-designed reports, which helps the analysist who assess business effectiveness to do their job. In addition, you can create any custom report you need.

BBM.iQ (Basic Billing Management)

BBM.iQ module performs a service company periodic payment calculation of mutual settlements with customers as well as subcontractors associated with the signed agreements.

N.B. Adding a new module to the already existing infrastructure will not affect the functioning of the entire system.


Scheme of service communication

  1. Information about the incident comes by phone, e-mail, as well as various monitoring systems in automatic mode (Proview etc.).
  2. System Service Desk.iQ automatically processes the information and creates a request that the operator assigns to a specific service department.
  3. Head of Service Department plans execution of works to solve the incident according to the work schedule and the appropriate skill level of his/her engineers.
  4. In the workplace and / or on mobile device engineer receives an request notification.
  5. Engineer notes on the mobile device every checkpoint of working process in real time and sends report to the system.
  6. Head of Service Department checks work report and confirms it, in case if there is no additional works needed.
  7. Оperator checks for the violations of service level (SLA) and sends the report to the client.

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