Financial institutions

Software of BS/2 is designed for all fields of operation of financial institutions: from information and property protection to the systems of remote management of business intelligence.

The fastest way to an omnichannel customer experience – even in multivendor ATM environments.

Dashboard.iQ is an intellectual module of .iQ family products that provides data gathering function and visualizes it as vivid reports for analyzing and making decisions.

Mobile.iQ is a set of mobile solutions designed exclusively for .iQ family products in order to provide mobile access to various information resources and services.

Cash Management.iQ is a software solution belonging to .iQ product family, developed to automate and optimize the processes related with cash flow at all cash deposit / withdrawal points. This solution allows maintaining optimal amounts of cash in the whole network of ATMs, ATSs, vaults and bank branches.

SmartSafe.iQ is a cost-effective multi-vendor software solution for automated teller safes that helps to manage all cash operations from deposits and withdrawals to currency exchange. In order to provide the video surveillance function, the solution can be integrated with the ATMeye.iQ system that allows taking photos of the ATS zone triggered by various events (cash operations).

Payments.iQ – is a full-featured software solution for arranging of receiving payments (for utilities, taxes, penalties), selling all kinds of electronic services (e.g. tickets, recharge codes, vouchers, utilities and so on.), retail banking automation, network management of information and payment terminals and ATMs.

Payment and loyalty management system PayLo developed and maintained by “ASHBURN International” is a versatile trade, payment and loyalty scenario management tool which operates via integrated checkouts or individual payment card terminals.

IPTV.iQ is a multifunctional middleware that can be installed in a variety of sectors and offer the customers an exciting IPTV services. Based on the latest technologies, the software solution will help you offer your customers a wide variety of the most up-to-date services: HD and 3D channels, electronic program guide, broadcast delay, Internet, etc.

Central Video Management.iQ is a smart visual advertising management solution that is based on the latest IP television technology. It is intended for ATMs, information and payment terminals and screens used at supermarket check-outs, in public transport and other public places.

ProView is monitoring and IT service management software for self-service systems. ProView provides extensive functions covering administration, monitoring and control of self-service networks to ensure that they deliver maximum performance and availability.

ProCash/Analyzer is the software solution to control and optimize the entire cash cycle and cash holdings. This software is based on Web technologies and is the management hub for all cash processes.

Journal Signed (Journal Data Protection) is designed to protect the Electronic Journal Data. The Journal Signed solution protects also against both intentional and unintentional distortion, falsification or deletion of the data written into Electronic Journal of ATM. Security is ensured by rewriting the data of Electronic Journal Media from ATM to a bank specialist‘s computer.

Crypto Journal Solution is designed to protect the information contained in Electronic Journal using cryptographic techniques. File encryption is performed by ATM, and decryption – at the Processing Center.

ProChip/EMV Debit/Credit 2.1 is an application kernel that has been certificated compliant with the EMVCo 4.1 specification. It supports the processing of EMV smartcards by Wincor Nixdorf ProClassic products and third-party software products. EMVCo is operated by the international credit card companies Mastercard, Visa and JCB.

Vynamic Security protects your self-service terminals within a multivendor environment. Vynamic Security protects against attacks from self-service networks with viruses, trojans or spyware, as well as unauthorized internal access such as software manipulation.

PC/E Key Loading Security automates your Terminal Master Key distribution and replaces the existing human intensive and costly intensive processes.

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