Product description

ProClassic/Enterprise is a state-of-the-art software solution that is geared to the needs and requirements of the self-service channel. Its open architecture is based on the internationally recognized and vendor-independent standard J2EE. It is implemented on the infrastructure of J2EE-compliant application servers, whose scalability makes it ideal for supporting net-centric solutions.

ProClassic/Enterprise is therefore a solution for the self-service channel and also offers all the functions required to build a fully integrated multichannel strategy. This makes it possible for financial institutions to optimize across channels and, at the same time, to develop new business strategies.

ProClassic/Enterprise is component-based and consists of various software modules, each of which provides one of the specific services required in a self-service solution. These services range from the Smart Client, which runs on the self-service system, to general and solution-specific business services on the server, to host connectors, which enable seamless integration of transaction and other back-end systems.

ProClassic/Enterprise is a collection of software components that are designed for an open, network-centric architecture. Whereas most banks already have a modern IT architecture with application servers and Web servers to operate individual channels such as Internet Banking, the self-service channel is normally separated from these multichannel-oriented solutions.

The self-service systems are usually operated as a separate network in a vertical, channel-specific environment. With its 3-layer architecture, ProClassic/Enterprise can be integrated in channel-specific (client-host) as well as modern Internet and call center environments, and supports modern branch restructuring activities.

ProClassic/Enterprise covers the requirements of the self-service channel and consists of:

  • ProClassic/Enterprise Smart Client
  • ProClassic/Enterprise Server with

    - ProClassic/Enterprise Smart Client Connectors
    - ProClassic/Enterprise Business Services
    - ProClassic/Enterprise Host Connectors

Designed as a suite of modular solutions, ProClassic/Enterprise contains ready-to-use modules for the functions provided by the self-service systems, for control of the self-service server and server administration as well as for integration in existing management systems such as ProView, IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, etc.

Customers’ IT departments, software partners and financial institutions can use the ProClassic/Enterprise Development Kit to develop, integrate, implement and roll out their own solutions.


  • Reduced investment and maintenance costs, since the infrastructure required to run ProClassic/Enterprise will normally already be available at bank data centers.
  • Simplifies business processes, since new functions, products and services only require one-time implementation but can be used across all channels.
  • New products and services can be brought to market faster, since there is no need to wait for changes to the software on the host systems.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through personalized customer address, a universal look and service portfolio across all channels.
  • Reduced operating costs by shifting the processing and decision logic to the central application server.
  • Data is available at a central point: optimal self-service system evaluation, monitoring and management. Costs saved on software distribution.
  • Increased productivity through use of standards, component reusability, reduction in dependencies and focus on process optimization and integration.
  • Vendor independence in the choice of terminals, servers and operating systems.
  • High availability and scalability thanks to resilience and load distribution.

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