Product description

Assisted self-service enables banks to make cash transactions more flexible and to automate them so that, for instance, deposits and withdrawals can be transacted completely either on automated teller machines or on automated teller safes. 

The assisted self-service software solution connects the world of self-service to front-office operations in the branch. It is easy to integrate in the banking software and was developed on the basis of J2EE and J/XFS standards.

The assisted self-service software solution plays a key role in optimizing a broad range of processes in the branch, including the following:

  • Security
  • Automation/cost-cutting
  • Branch restructuring/reorganization.

This software can be used to deal with some of the current issues facing banks, e.g.

  • Harsh competition with other banks
  • Changing customers, with the need for a new customer centricity
  • High cost pressure
  • Branch process optimization/reorganization
  • Greater security
  • Sales reorganization, with the need for flexible and efficient solutions


  • Implementation of innovative branch concepts for strategic repositioning
  • New customer centricity, the bank employee transforms from teller to service officer and consultant
  • Bank staff are given more scope as routine work is automated
  • Focus on individual consulting and sales in a direct customer dialog during the teller-based transaction
  • Increased revenue through more effective personnel concepts for consulting
  • Reduction in branch costs through migration of routine activities – cash process optimization
  • Increased security as a result of a reduction in accessible cash holdings (raids, manipulation by bank staff)
  • Efficient use of the self-service channel
  • Extension to the service portfolio when used in mini branches, stores, production facilities
  • Various possible applications (pay out pensions, income support, advance travel expenses for production facilities, …)
  • Fast and easy installation in existing system environments (incl. integration in the existing front-office application)


  • Supports ATMs as well as ATSs
  • Use of front-office peripherals via J/XFS Biometric transaction protection
  • Multilanguage and multi-organization support
  • Integration in heterogeneous branch architectures
  • Use of industry standards
  • Multivendor capability
  • Support for fat and thin clients

Handles all cash transactions:

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Integration of coin transactions
  • Without customer card with white card
  • With denomination wish

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