Product description

Rising volumes of cash and customers' demands for permanent availability of cash are two of many challenges when it comes to optimizing cash management.

ProCash Analyzer is the software solution to control and optimize the entire cash cycle and cash holdings. This software is based on Web technologies and is the management hub for all cash processes. The goal is optimization across different types of cashpoints. Whether automated teller machines, deposit terminals, cash recycling systems or the teller counter, ProCash Analyzer will optimize your cash holdings and processes. This also includes the handling of coins and safes at branches.

Optimization takes seasonal fluctuations and increased needs, such as at the end of the month, into consideration. A custom calendar to plan local events rounds off the system. The resulting orders are monitored continuously from the time they are generated by the system to their forwarding to cash-in-transport operators and their execution.

This ensures permanent quality control of the process and those involved in it. A wide range of reports is available to guarantee effective control and compliance with quality indicators.


The ProCash Analyzer software enables banks to achieve the following goals:

  • Supply and disposal of cash for all cashpoints in line with requirements
  • Optimization of all cashpoint types, including branch holdings and recycling systems
  • Minimization of the total cost of supplying cash, taking transport and cash holding costs (interest for holdings at a cashpoint) into consideration
  • Cost savings as there is no media discontinuity in the cash ordering processes
  • Increased availability of cashpoints as cash will run out less often
  • Automated workflow management ensuring that no cash ordering deadlines are missed so your cashpoints will not go out of service because of inadequate holdings
  • Control and monitoring of service providers (cash-in-transit operators)
  • Bundling of all relevant optimization information in the software
  • Fast, easy access to the software via a Web browser
  • All relevant information saved, providing extensive research options


The ProCash Analyzer software has been consistently implemented in line with the SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) standard. As a result, the software can be adapted to business processes very flexibly.

A variety of functions ensures that the software can be deployed optimally in customer environments.

  • Requirements planning based on total cost (optimization) for cash supplies to and removal from cashpoints, branches and cash centers, taking into consideration:

    - Service times, public holidays and local events
    - Rules for cash replenishment and removal (fixed or variable routes)
    - Supply relations between branch and cash center (e.g. banknotes from central bank and coins from cash-in-transit operator)
    - Rules for aggregating individual cashpoint orders at branch and cash center levels

  • Forecast of notes and coins required for all cashpoints such as automated teller machines, cash recycling systems, deposit terminals, teller terminals
  • Map a bank’s ordering process – from optimized order proposals to order placement with service providers and order tracking
  • Flanking business processes, such as monitoring the counting of cash holdings after a cassette change.
  • Integrated management and user reports'
  • XML-based interfaces to import monitoring data (cash holding and replenishment data) from other IT systems
  • Multi-organization capable installation with separate data storage

ProCash Analyzer automatically aggregates order proposals, depending on how supply relationships have been configured, to build a final order.
The status of orders can be looked up at any time using a tracking function. Users can see whether the order has already been executed or is still in progress.

To control and analyze the cash management process, ProCash Analyzer comes with extensive reporting and analysis tools, e.g.:

  • Holding and transaction histories
  • Cost analyses for cash handling and cash holding costs
  • Analysis of forecast figures
  • Replenishment history

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