NAMOS retail

Product description

Facing the challenges of today´s Petroleum/Convenience Retail industry, store operator’s are looking for ways to streamline their operational efficiency, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Optimised inventory, sales and service, understanding customer buying patterns and trends are some of the key areas to ensure ongoing success. This requires real time information from a single source.
With NAMOS retail, a flexible and powerful Back-Office solution, Wincor Nixdorf allows operators to effectively manage and control all aspects of their Petroleum/ Convenience Store. Built on the successful international and field-proven Managers Workstation module, NAMOS retail is suitable for all business scenarios and types of operation. International Petroleum/Convenience operator’s trust in NAMOS retail to automate tasks and processes enabling them to focus on their customers, employees and key areas of their business.


Flexible, powerful and scalable solution

  • Manages and controls all aspects of P/C Stores centrally
  • Provides operators with required information and customized reports to optimize inventory levels, understand customer buying patterns, trends and react to business changes
  • Reduces administration through automated tasks and processes
  • Reduced training time through easy to learn and intuitive Graphical User Interface


Modular set of components to better manage your business from a strategic, tactical, and operational perspective:

  • NAMOS Managers Workstation
  • Merchandise Management
  • Fuel Stock Management
  • Cash Handling & Banking
  • Local Account
  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Workforce Management
  • Handheld Terminal Support


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