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Penki kontinentai and Farnell Discussed Prospects for Cooperation in Belarus

This January representatives of the Belarusian Farnell banking technologies company, including general manager Yuri Lapitsky and maintenance director Alexander Khodasevich visited BS/2 head office in Vilnius, where they met Penki Kontinentai group board chairman Idrakas Dadašovas, BS/2 service department manager Gintaras Petkevičius, BS/2 regional manager Nikolai Zaleschuk and software sales department head Konstantin Butrimovich.

Penki Kontinentai Develops Business Links with Uzbekistan

During the recent visit of the representatives of the Common Republican Processing Center (CRPC) of Uzbekistan to the Penki kontinentai head office in Vilnius, they were introduced to innovative software solutions developed by the BS/2 and ASHBURN International member companies.

BS/2 Partnering with Symphony EYC Retail Solutions Developer

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The Symphony EYC managers visited the Penki kontinentai group of companies in Vilnius recently. For over three decades Symphony EYC has developed modern multi-channel solutions for analytical research on the customers‘ behavior, data processing and authentication and increasing customers‘ loyalty.

More options for card payment

The Lithuanian ASHBURN International company has installed EFT POS terminals in the post offices in the country's largest cities and district centers, with which residents can pay for services using not only conventional, but also contactless payment cards.