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BSKOM Cares Bizerba Equipment in Azerbaijan

Large Azerbaijani retail networks, such as „Bravo“, „SPAR“ and „Fresco“, widely use equipment from „Bizerba“. BSKOM, which is a subsidiary of the Lithuanian company BS/2, is responsible for the successful operation of that equipment. 

BSKOM sells the retail trade equipment from „Bizerba“, delivering to the Azerbaijani market a wide range of devices for weighing, cutting, selling, checking, processing, marking and operation. Besides, BSKOM offers warranty and post-warranty servicing and maintenance of „Bizerba“ equipment and software to it, ensuring the supermarkets’ smooth operation of and customers’ satisfaction. 

„Bizerba“ is a German company with 150 years of experience in manufacturing and sales of equipment for retail, logistics and industry in 120 world countries. It is a family business, which is based on the fulfillment of obligations, consistency and responsibility. For this reason, in 2014, BSKOM, having started cooperation with „Bizerba“, initiated the new era of retail trade in Azerbaijan. 

Delivering and servicing high-quality equipment, BSKOM promotes the development of new retail solutions in Azerbaijan.

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