News about products

BS/2 updated and improved SmartSafe.iQ

The intense development of high technology contributed to a significant change of customer needs. In this regard, in 2011 the company BS/2 that possesses many years’ experience in the field of banking technology development, created an improved version of SmartSafe.iQ.

.iQ Central Video Management (Remote) – Intellectual Advertisement Management

BS/2, a banking technology and outsourcing services company, that is a member of the company group Penki kontinentai introduces .iQ Video Management – a video solution for advertisement management, which is designed for ATMs, information and payment terminals, and screens equipped at the supermarket cash registers.

Banks actively fight against criminals

According to EAST data, in 2009, criminal activities related to these devices caused damage amounted to 312 million Euros – which is 36% less than a year earlier.