Financial institutions

The company offers financial institutions hardware, software solutions and provides services focused on the needs of specific sector.

The hardware supplied, including marketing hardware and broad-range information terminals, is designed to ensure security of accounting data of cash and non-cash assets, process and store such data as well as to manage customer queues.

Software of the company is designed to collect, process, store and analyze data of banks and retail companies. Moreover, the company offers security solutions and visual, audio and text content management systems.

The package of services provided includes consulting, training, equipment service and maintenance, outsourcing, IT infrastructure monitoring and rent of software solutions and hardware.


BS/2 provides all hardware necessary for financial institutions. The range offered by the company includes: ATMs, information terminals, cash processing equipment, multifunctional printers, automated safe-deposit boxes, etc.


Software supplied by BS/2 includes all fields of activities of financial institutions: from the protection of property to decision-making systems.


Services of BS/2 provided to financial institutions include consulting and training in the field of IT and finance, custom software and outsourcing. One of the services provided by the company is rent and maintenance of hardware and software.