Revendo 9000


Management summary

The Revendo 9000 will accept all kinds of empties, whether glass or PET bottles, cans or crates. Recognition is based on image processing, and an almost unlimited number of different bottle and crate shapes can be recognized. This reverse vending machine can be integrated readily in point-of-sale and merchandise management environments as it uses PC technology and standard interfaces.
Beverage crates are recognized via an innovative 3D stereo vision method. With a depth of just 77 cm, the Revendo 9000 allows crates to be returned in a very small space.


The Revendo 9000 is ideal for use in sales channels that take back all kinds of empties, regardless of whether they are glass or PET bottles, cans or crates, one-way or refillable. The optimum solution for handling empties can be created for every store in conjunction with modular backroom technology to collect refillable bottles, to sort and compact one-way containers, and to convey crates.


Basic data:

  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 770 mm x 600 mm x 1,690 mm
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Power: 230 V, 50 Hz for the machine
  • Conformity: Machinery directive, EMC, CE
  • Temperature: +10° C to +35° C 

Recognition data:

  • Camera-based color imaging with a resolution of over 400,000 pixels
  • Full container recognition
  • Stereo vision crate recognition with optional color logo recognition
  • Number of records: Almost unlimited

Output data:

  • Printer: Thermal printer with presenter, paper width 60 mm
  • Receipt roll: Up to 500 m long
  • Paper: WN security paper, specification available


  • Standard XML data interface via Ethernet LAN
  • Ethernet LAN connection for online service
  • BUS interface to control Diebold Nixdorf backroom components

Standard features:

  • Door color: RAL 3020
  • Chassis color: RAL 7015
  • Integrated keyboard for system administration
  • Protection against fraud
  • Full-graphics TFT display, 640 x 480
  • Additional signals in the field of vision as well as in the crate and bottle infeeds to guide users


  • Custom RAL-color door
  • ISDN adapter or GSM router for online service
  • Second button for additional functionality (e.g. donation button)
  • Barcode scanner to accept one-way containers
  • Security mark reader for one-way container deposits in Germany
  • Logo recognition for crates
  • Card reader
  • Variable installation frames
  • Phone module to report faults by voice
  • Warning signal system


Recognition of single bottles by shape, color and weight, with an optional barcode scanner and security feature (for deposits on one-way containers in Germany)
Recognition of crates via 3D stereo vision method and weighing, optional logo recognition
Footprint only 0.48 m²
PC-based camera recognition, standard Web services interface

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