Postal organizations

Solutions of the company BS/2 designed for post offices meet the needs of the postal network and ensure performance optimization as well as data and equipment security. Hardware designed for post offices includes automated safe-deposit boxes and ATMs that meet the needs of the limited sector.

These are automated safety-deposit boxes of the CINEO line designed for independent cash collection operations, and multi-safe deposit boxes designed to store documents, cash and goods. Safety-deposit boxes are designed for premises with heavy customer traffic and feature a function of operation in a closed cash cycle mode.

This includes “Diebold Nixdorf” cash registers and “Beetle” POS systems, peripherals (printers, scanners, electronic price lists and cash repositories), cash deposit systems, self-service cash registers and payment systems (“PayTower”), reverse vending machines (“Revendo”), etc.

These are professional currency scanners and detectors, banknote sorting and packing machines “Cassido” and “DoCash”.

Hardware for Queue Management offered by BS/2, i.e. ticket dispensing machines, keyboards, LCD, seven-segment and dot matrix displays, optimize the flow of visitors, help analyze the quality and speed of service provision as well as find out what services are most popular.

BS/2 offers genuine spare parts and hardware maintenance services. The company also provides training, spare part replacement, repair, storage and disposal services.

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