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Cartes 2014 exhibition invited to take a look at new products in the payment market

From 4th through 6th November, this year, Paris hosted the 29th international CARTES Secure Connexions 2014 (Cartes 2014) exhibition/conference dedicated to payment and security technologies. Among its attendees were companies owned by a group of companies Penki Kontinentai: ASHBURN International (ASHBURN), a company implementing payment card and e-commerce solutions, and banking technology company Penkių Kontinentų Bankinės Technologijos (BS/2).

The motto of this year’s exhibition Users on the move illustrated the main topic of the event, i.e. mobility. As Žoržas Šarafanovičius, Executive Director of ASHBURN, put it, mobile devices are not only successfully taking a strong position in the payment market, but also offer new opportunities for vendors. “Most of the manufacturers of payment equipment that attended the exhibition introduced mobile payment terminals. These enable operative and convenient service of customers paying with payment cards in any location. These modern devices also provide the opportunity to obtain the necessary analytical data and reports”, said Ž. Šarafanovičius.

The next step for the manufacturers was to develop a terminal similar to a smart phone that could be used to install the necessary applications and use them safely. One of such mobile devices was introduced by a global leader in the field of banking equipment manufacture and a longtime partner of BS/2, German company Wincor Nixdorf. It invited to learn more about Albert, a multifunctional payment device similar to a tablet PC. Once specialized mobile applications are installed on the device, it can be used to carry out payment or accounting operations, to quickly and conveniently provide services to the customers.

The exhibition paid great attention to the topic of secure payments. According to Ž. Šarafanovičius, manufacturers offered biometric identification systems, one-time password generators replacing the usual passwords, and sophisticated payment platforms. “Global leader in the field of payment solutions and equipment Ingenico introduced its new payment system Telium Tetra. It is a versatile technological platform designed for vendors to ensure quick and secure payment operations. ASHBURN is the official partner of Ingenico in the Baltic States, thus we hope that we will be able to offer some of the new products of this company to our customers in the near future”, said representative of ASHBURN.

Cartes 2014 international exhibition/conference that has been annually organized since 1986 is one of the largest events in the world dedicated to such topics as payment cards, security solutions and technologies.This year, more than four hundred and fifty participants from 50 different countries introduced their new products and services at the exhibition.During the three days of the exhibition, more than 20 thousand attendees from 140 countries visited the event.