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Baltic financiers competed in tennis tournament

The 7th international tennis tournament BFI Cup (International Banks’ and Financial Institutions’ Cup) took place in Vilnius SEB arena last weekend.

9 teams from different institutions took part in this year’s sports event. ‘SEB banka’ (Latvia) team scored 84 points.

According to Deputy Director of UAB ‘Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos’ Tomas Augucevičius, the general sponsor of the tournament, sports and business encounters are alike as they require similar qualities. ‘Endurance, fast reaction and respect for the opponent are important not only on the sports ground but also in business matters. We hope this tennis tournament was an opportunity to spend some time in a friendly atmosphere as well as recharge yourselves for new achievements’, said T. Augucevičius.

Spectators could enjoy many beautiful and fierce fights among nearly 80 tournament participants from Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian financial institutions. A tournament weekend concluded with a solemn awards ceremony.

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Bank winners’ tournament rankings

1 place. SEB banka (Latvia). 84 points.

2 place. Danske Bank (joint team). 48 points.

3 place. Nordea (joint team). 31 points.

4 place. SEB bankas (Lithuania). 28 points.

5 place. DNB (Lithuania and Estonia). 16 points.

6 place. Swedbank (Latvia). 14 points.

7 place. Western Union (Lithuania). 7 points.

8 place. Finasta (Lithuania). 6 points.

9 place. DNB (Latvia). 5 points.

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